Effective Skin Treatments

Skin Peels for Visible Results

A skin assessment is essential prior to any treatment peels to determine your skin's suitability. A range of skin concerns are addressed and can be treated using non invasive superficial peels.

Skin Peels for Radiant Skin

Skin Pure Skin peels have been carefully selected for our clients to improve a range of skin conditions and encourage radiance, smoothness and more refined skin. Results achieved include improving congestion, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and stimulating collagen renewal, hyperpigmentation, sun damage. Scarring may also be treated using non invasive superficial peels.

By encouraging cell renewal, regular skin peels also help reduce the build-up of dead skin cells and assist in clearing blocked pores to truly highlight clear and radiant skin.

All facial treatments incorporate the following:

Skin diagnosis, brush machine, steam, blackhead removal, micro & sonophoresis (infusion of vitamins), high frequency and LED if required.

Treatment Boosters

LED - $25
LED is low level light therapy, a natural process that uses gentle visible light, red, blue, violet and green to improve cellular health of the skin.The different lights increase circulation, accelerate tissue repair, decrease inflammation, and improve skin tone, texture and clarity.

SONOPHORESES (vitamin infusion) - $30

Skin Peels - Microdermabrasion South Melbourne

Advanced Chemical Peel

- 30 min

Designed to penetrate deeper and greatly enhance absorption of further active products.

Fruit Acid Peel

- 30 min

The AHA peel assists with dryness, fine lines and pigmentation. A great refreshing peel suitable for most skin types.

Bright Eye Treatment

- 25 min

Aloe Vera and antioxidants are used in this relaxing treatment designed to reduce fatigue and puffiness around the eye area. Pressure point massage relieves stress and congestion.


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