Kew East

Skin pure - personal expert beauty therapist services for a loyal clientele in Kew East and across north and east suburban Melbourne

Microdermabrasion, many Kew East residents already appreciate, is a superb and non-surgical method of delivering the finest of treatment for their skin. You’ll also appreciate the superbly skillful delivery of a process which combines gently-enjoyable vacuuming with a simultaneously  exfoliating diamond tip probe. Microdermabrasion, Kew East regulars already appreciate, then leaves your skin perfectly ready for any of our other popular treatments...

Sonophoreses uses ultrasonic technology, adding an energetic warmth to your skin, increasing active ingredient absorption for
key vitamins

Facial treatments, from diagnosis to delivery, can help to cleanse, boost, infuse and enhance your skin

All about these treatments, for both female and male skins, are fully detailed if you click here

Waxing Service Specialist Kew East

Another highly popular series of face and body treatments - for Kew East folk from their teenage years to adults of all ages, including those with a sensitive skin. Our hot and strip waxing helps your skin, whether on your body, face or neck,  to feel as smooth as silk and satisfyingly hair free. To find out so much more, take a moment to click here


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