Microdermabrasion Hawthorn

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Microdermabrasion services for Hawthorn locals provides proven and welcome skin treatment results. It delivers exfoliation through use of a diamond tipped probe together with an amazing gentle vacuuming of your skin - an entirely non-surgical process. This process then allows your skin to welcome a range of other possibilities, including ultra sonic sonophoreses and low level light therapy. Benefits include…

More absorptive skin for further beneficial treatments

Blackhead removal

Clean and enhanced skin

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Waxing Service Specialist Hawthorn

Using superb salon-quality products for both pre and post hot and strip waxing, our treatments are welcomed by all skin types. We can treat all ages from teenage years to far beyond. To find out how Hawthorn folk already enjoy the smoothest, hair-free skin after our hot and strip waxing procedures, just click  here


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