Microdermabrasion Deepdene

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The choice of microdermabrasion by Deepdene clients is no surprise. This proven non-surgical process, delivered by a hugely-experienced therapist, pairs a diamond tipped probe with a satisfying vacuuming action for superb deep exfoliation results.

Further treatments can then include...

Ultra sonic actions to increase skin’s vitamin absorption properties

Gentle low level light therapy

Skin peels, congestion clearing and blemish healing

From microdermabrasion onwards, Deepdene clients, both first-timers and regulars, love the improved skin outcomes delivered by our popular local therapist here at Skin pure. Check it out here

Waxing Service Specialist Deepdene

Among many other highly popular treatments, our hot and strip waxing processes, for both face and body, deliver superb hair-free and smooth skin solutions. We’ll guide you through them here


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