Microdermabrasion Cremorne

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Enjoy gentle and safe, non-surgical, deep exfoliating skin treatments; which is just what our microdermabrasion actions provide for Cremorne residents. This signature Skin pure treatment matches the latest in technology, with our quarter of a century of caring experience. It uses a diamond tip probe and vacuuming combo to gently complete the microdermabrasion. Cremorne clients find their skin left so clean and touchingly smooth. This means it’s primed for…

Sonophoreses - this non-invasive sonic process offers a warming motion to increase the skin’s deep absorption of key vitamins

Treatments including using low-level LED light therapy, peels, blemish healing, and more

Full treatments details for both men and women can be found here

Waxing Service Specialist Cremorne

Using the finest of salon quality waxing products, we offer both hot and strip waxes, always suitable for sensitive skin, and a proven way to deal with unwanted facial or body hair. Our Cremorne clients appreciate the silky smooth hair-free results. We offer services to all ages from teenage years upwards.

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