Microdermabrasion Balwyn

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If you are looking for a stunning and non-surgical exfoliating skin treatment, microdermabrasion, as many Balwyn residents already appreciate, is a superb choice. Our skilled, experienced therapist expertly uses its two-part diamond tipped probe and gentle vacuuming combination for superb microdermabrasion results. Balwyn-based regular clients enjoy the fact that this prepares their skin for other superbly effective treatments...

The process of ultra sonic sonophoreses which superbly enhances skin absorption

Superb facial hydrating, plumping and cleansing results

The feeling of gloriously clean and enhanced skin

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Waxing Service Specialist Balwyn

Another hugely popular treatment choice, for skins from the well lived in right down to teenagers, our face and body hot and strip waxing procedures deliver the smooth, hair-free skin so appreciated by our many regular and returning Balwyn area clients. All the details you’ll want to know can be found here


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